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Lavender Moon Farm is southeast of Denver Colorado, where we strive to deliver farm fresh products for your family. Our heritage Turkeys are Free Range. We raise our turkeys hormone and antibiotic free in tall grassy fields. They drink clean water from the aquifer below their grazing field. Our practices give the turkeys most natural life possible at the same time developing a delicious product. Free Range Heritage Turkeys like our Lavender Slate bread have a unique taste and are the best choice for your thanksgiving meal.

At Lavender Moon Farm we ship our turkeys to your door overnight after we get them from the processing facility. This gives you the freshest bird possible and allows you time to brine or season as you wish. Our family thanks you for choosing us to raise and care for your turkey, we promise to deliver the best quality for your family!

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Lavender (Blue) Slate Heritage Turkey

15-23 lbs. $185 W/ shipping in the State of Colorado

The Lavender Slate Turkey has an ashy blue to a lavender color due to two special genes. Speculated to be a cross between a White Turkey and Black Turkey. This rare turkey has an amazing taste and you can help keep this unique turkey breed in production by ordering one today. For the 2017 Thanksgiving season availability is limited place your order today.

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Bronze Heritage Turkey

16-25 lbs. $200 W/ shipping in the State of Colorado

The Bronze Heritage Turkey was crossed between domestic turkeys brought by European colonists and the wild turkeys found on the east coast. Once an American staple, the Bronze was the turkey of choice for commercial breeders until the introduction of the Broad Breasted White Turkey. For those looking for a naturally mating, free ranged and happy turkey the Bronze is for you. For the 2017 Thanksgiving season availability is extremely limited as they sells out fast.

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15-25 lbs. $200 W/ shipping in the State of Colorado

This delicious breed is named after Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island where European settlers raised these birds starting in the 1600’s. They are descendants of the turkeys brought with settlers to the region. The Narragansett was a staple of the early turkey industry in New England.

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Turkey Reservations

For those interested in Turkey Reservations, they are available until reserved birds are sold out. Turkey Reservations required a $50 non-refundable deposit toward the breed you’ve selected. On the first of May the remaining balance will be deducted from your Paypal account as we are typically sold out by this time.For all completed orders, you will be emailed in November with updated shipping information, a tracking number and the expected delivery date.

Please be sure to make arrangements to receive and refrigerate your turkey immediately upon delivery. This process is typically scheduled six weeks before Thanksgiving. Kindly email us at any time to update your shipping or payment information.

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Shetland Wool Raw

For the natural yarn spinners our Shetlands have mostly brown and gray fibers, but our little black sheep cole has black soft wool. Our fibers are lightly washed and are perfect for those wishing to get an authentic spinning experience. Also amazing for crafts and unique creations.

Brown and gray fibers lightly washed $18 per 1 lbs bag plus shipping.

Lightly Washed Raw Wool Options

Flavored Honey - Colorado Wildflower

We are adding honey flavors options all the time! For now we are offering 8oz glass jars and squeezable 2 oz bears of Peach-Mango, Lavender, Key Lime, and Blueberry. Our Honey Flavors are made with our Colorado Wildflower Honey. They make a great gifts and an amazing addition to your home or office tea cabinet.


Colorado Raw Wildflower Honey

Our 100% pure Colorado wildflower honey is the best you can get. Rich in flavor and excellent for baking. Honey makes an amazing sugar replacement that is a healthier option. Eating Local honey has amazing benefits for your allergy symptoms. We offer squeeze sizes and glass jars.


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